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Dave Lovett is a multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, and music producer who is currently producing radio-ready music from electronic to pop, as well as his own projects. Whether you're someone who simply loves to sing and would like a recording of yourself, an aspiring musician breaking into the scene, or a professional musician who wants to work with another professional individual who understands you and what you want, Dave can help! He works out of two studios in South Austin - one being his own home studio, and also at Mister Recording Studios owned by long-time friend and co-producer, Micah Wagner. In addition, he produces and has produced everything from jingles for commercials to songs for children. Dave has been producing, co-producing, and engineering his own music and the music of many other artists over the last decade. Here are a few of those bands and artists. Take a listen!

Dave is currently taking on new production clients. To schedule a free consultation, click here!

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